Superior Truck Dock Service Inc
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Dock Maintenance in Aurora, Illinois

Maintaining an efficient loading area requires a company to use the right equipment. Whether you're looking to put in a new system or upgrade an existing one, the professionals at Superior Truck Dock Inc. can help you do the job. Our firm is based in Aurora, Illinois, and we offer services to organizations in the Chicagoland area, northwest Indiana, and southern Wisconsin. Clients have turned to us for help since 1996, and we've built a reputation for excellence and reliability.
You can ask us to install or upgrade levelers at your location. We sell both mechanical and hydraulic dock levelers. You can also ask about our airbag levelers. Our technicians can assist you with a significant amount of the work needed to put in a leveler including new pit construction and installation of bollards. We're also able to help you handle concrete repairs in existing pit areas. We can put in dock bumpers, truck restraints, and drop plates too.
Our technicians can install a system that's suitable for either commercial or industrial operations. We offer equipment manufactured by many popular brands. You can ask us about units from Advance, DLM, and Kelley. We also sell equipment built by McGuire, Nordock, Pioneer, and Poweramp.
The safety and efficiency of your truck dock systems are important. A team from Superior Truck Dock Inc. can help you keep your truck dock system in top condition for many years to come, and you'll find our labor rates are quite affordable. We field inquiries from customers every weekday. One of our technicians can take a look at the requirements of your building and offer a free estimate. Just give us a call 630-978-1697.